How An ATM Machine Can Help Your Store Get More Customers

Regardless of what you sell in your store, there might be only so much foot traffic you get off of your location and what you sell. One way to get more traffic and potential customers is to add something that they might need. Keep reading to learn how an ATM machine can help your store to get more customers and why they might walk in your doors.

Banks Aren’t Nearby: When there aren’t bank branches nearby, or they’re hard to get in and out of, an ATM in your store can be convenient for your shoppers, especially if it saves them one stop while they’re already making another.

Parking Lots Concern Them: As bank chains minimize their physical branches, they resort a lot more often to standalone ATMs in parking lots. However, many users dislike these out of concerns over safety and how distracted drivers can mean fender benders and other minor accidents.

They Don’t Like Big Brother: Some customers don’t like the idea of all their transactions being tracked digitally or electronically, especially if they’re worried about their credit or debit card numbers being hacked, leaked, or otherwise compromised. Some prefer doing cash transactions for the relative security and privacy.

Cash Doesn’t Bounce: With so many transactions going digital these days, including direct deposit of paychecks, it’s very easy to lose track of spending and wind up with declined transactions and bounced checks. Many consumers are rebelling by going back to using cash as much as they can, since they’ll know just by opening their wallet or purse how much money they have. Even those that don’t do cash every transaction still like having some cash on them just in case. These are people that you might get walking through your doors when they know they can get money.

Some Businesses Only Deal In Cash: Some establishments only deal in cash. It’s common for places like adult entertainment, flea markets, and cannabis dispensaries that can’t even get credit or debit card processing in the first place. If your store is such a business, then having an ATM machine can solve a problem keeping customers out. For that matter, if you’re just located down the sidewalk from one, an ATM machine can bring in those customers through your doors.

Cashback Limits Are Too Low: Something that a lot of consumers run into these days is how hard it is to get cash in the first place. They might be used to getting amounts back as cash back in stores at the register, but that can range from as little as $20 to maybe $200 at the grocery store. If they need more than that, like for a money order or gift card, then they need to hit an ATM for the rest.

If you run an all-cash business, then having an ATM in your store is almost a must so you don’t have to turn anyone away. Finding a reputable ATM distributor to purchase an ATM is highly recommended. Even if you don’t do all cash, it’s still great to encourage since you won’t have to pay merchant fees on transactions.